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VPS hosting features

Experience a VPS with Katapult

We've created our own cloud infrastructure using the latest in technology to ensure the service we deliver is always efficient and reliable.

Industry Leading CPUs

Our Katapult infrastructure is built using only AMD’s 2nd Gen EPYC processors which is capable of the most strenuous workloads thanks to high-frequency.

1TB Outbound Transfer

Each virtual machine comes with 1TB (100GB on ROCK-1) of outbound transfer per month which is 1000 times more than AWS.

Clustered Storage

Katapult’s storage solution utilise bleeding-edge flash technology combined distributed storage architecture which ensures no single point of failure.

Inclusive DDoS Protection

DDoS protection is built into our core network. Using local Corero scrubbing appliances with up-stream in-line filtering, Katapult can mitigate an attack well in excess of 1Tbps.

High Availability

Engineered for resilience, node failover ensures vital compute resources stay online.

Free Inbound/Internal Transfer

Transfer to Katapult data centers and internal transfer between storage locations or virtual machines comes at no cost.

Worldwide deployment

Deploy near your customers

Hosting Me offers a low latency worldwide network, enabling you to deploy servers in close proximity to your customers.

  • London

    United Kingdom

  • New York

    United States

  • Phoenix

    United States

  • Amsterdam


  • Coming soon


  • Coming soon



Simplify server management

We’ve picked the best-in-class for every aspect of our cloud platform, Katapult and then assembled them into the world’s fastest and simplest cloud infrastructure solution.

Instant Activation

Your VPS will be automatically activated once payment has been received.


We only use NVMe SSD's to ensure your sites get the best performance possible.

Root Access

You'll have full access and control over your VPS with root access on linux.


You can upgrade your resources anytime usually in less than a minute.


All servers are running the latest EPYC high-performance processors by AMD.

Dedicated IP

We include a dedicated IP Address with every VPS Server free of charge.